Counselling & psychotherapy

I specialise in transpersonal psychotherapy – a form of therapy that encompasses the full spectrum of attributes that make you the person you are.

What is transpersonal psychotherapy?

As well as engaging with your conscious cognitive processes – the thoughts you have and decisions you make everyday – we’ll place just as much emphasis on the imagination and unconscious, using a variety of techniques to unweave the often complex reasons why you feel psychological distress or unease.

As the name implies, transpersonal psychotherapy is about transcending the self to explore your place in a wider spiritual framework. That’s not to say it involves any formal school of spirituality or religion, other than what you might want to bring to your sessions.

Rather, it’s a therapy that recognises and delves into the wider unseen realm that can manifest itself in our dreams, unconscious and imagination. A realm that can have a real impact on everything from career satisfaction to how we connect to those closest to us.

Improving your relationship with your unconscious is something that can be crucial to well being. We can access this inner reservoir through methods such as guided visualisations and spontaneous drawing, as well as gestalt therapy and roleplay.

The most important thing, though, is that you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your work with me, and I will adjust the therapy to suit you as an individual.

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